Sterling Lifestyle

Our Sterling Lifestyle service is offered to clients with investment accounts between $1 million – $5 million.  Sterling Lifestyle family needs are managed by 12-year lifestyle management veteran and TLM Assistant Director of Lifestyle Management, Cheré Conner.

Client:Cheré ratio:  10:1

Sterling Lifestyle Membership Features:

  • Access to our premier lifestyle management and concierge services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week via phone and email according to the predetermined number of hours/quarter as defined by client.  Minimum 30 hours/quarter, to be used by any family member or their approved designees.  Additional hours/quarter may be purchased in advance for special projects during that period.  Hours must be used during the current quarter with exception of special circumstances, and then hours may be carried forward one quarter.
  • Access to our highly credentialed, results-oriented Assistant Director of Lifestyle Management, Cheré Conner, as your personal, dedicated specialist to organize, research, problem-solve, cost compare, implement, and follow through all assignments to completion;
  • Individualized attention, customized to the needs and interest of each family as time permits;
  • Access to carefully screened and regularly reviewed goods and services providers selected to be on our coveted Tanglewood List***;
  • Access to Fredericksburg calendar of events, latest openings and happenings;
  • Assistance with everyday activities, errands and repairs, as time permits;
  • “Training” sessions to help clients learn how to best utilize this individualized, highly efficient resource to help maximize their time to enjoy life!

Sterling Lifestyle Pricing Features:

  • Minimum 30 hours/quarter:  $500/month, paid quarterly in advance;  additional special project hours:  $45/hour
  • 60 hours/quarter:  $850/month, paid quarterly in advance;  additional special project hours:  $40/hour
  • Additional quarterly hour options available upon request

***NOTE:  Tanglewood Lifestyle Management does not employ, and, therefore, offers no guarantee/warranty and assumes no responsibility for the work performed by outside vendors and goods providers.