Platinum Lifestyle

Our Platinum Lifestyle service is offered exclusively to clients with an investment account(s) minimum of $5 million.  Platinum Lifestyle family needs are managed by TLM founding Director of Lifestyle Management, Kristen Townsend.

Client:Kristen ratio: 8:1

Platinum Lifestyle Membership Features:

  • Unlimited access by client family members or their approved designees to our premier lifestyle management and concierge services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week via phone and email;
  • Access to our founding Director of Lifestyle Management, Kristen Townsend, as your personal, dedicated specialist to organize, anticipate, research, problem-solve, cost compare, implement, and follow through all assignments to completion;
  • Individualized attention, customized to the needs and interests of each family;
  • Access to carefully screened and regularly reviewed goods and services providers selected to be on our coveted Tanglewood List***.  It is required that businesses recommended to our client families be members of the Tanglewood List, indicating they show superior ability, experience, professionalism and dependability;
  • Access to local expertise, information on current events, latest openings and happenings in Fredericksburg and the cities of your choice;
  • Assistance with everyday activities, errands and repairs;
  • Research on topics of interest or curiosity;
  • Anticipation of preferences and needs;
  • “Training” sessions to help clients learn how to best utilize this hand-crafted, service-intense resource to help maximize their time to enjoy life!

Platinum Lifestyle Pricing Feature:

  • Unlimited access to all concierge and lifestyle management services;
  • $500 annual membership fee


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***NOTE:  Tanglewood Lifestyle Management does not employ, and, therefore, offers no guarantee/warranty and assumes no responsibility for the work performed by outside vendors and goods providers.