What is Lifestyle Management?

What is Lifestyle Management?

When asked, “What is lifestyle management?  What do you do, exactly?”, we often answer, “Anything a client family requests, as long as it is legal!”.  After all, this is all about returning valuable time to our client families by taking off their plate the things they either can’t or prefer not to do.  It could be anything!  Yet, over the years, we have found that it is most helpful when we give a prospective client a sample list of things we have done in the past for our client families.  From there, we dive together into the details of their life and find specific opportunities to be of great help to them, as well. Someone else’s list may be ok to start, but what you really want to see is your OWN list and how to make it consistently disappear. We can help that happen in two easy steps:

STEP 1:  Get Organized!

We discovered years ago, that all the tasks and projects our client families requested seemed to fall into five categories:  Home/Ranch/Garden, Home Office Assistance, Travel/Leisure, Dining/Entertainment, and Health/Beauty/Fitness.  Provided below is a sampling of work we have done in each of these categories over the past eight years.  Please keep in mind, it is a small sampling and our capabilities extend far beyond this narrow list:


  • Home Management during Travel
  • Specialist Acquisition and Referral:  Home Repair, Landscaping, Housekeeping, Pet Sitter, Personal Chef
  • Calendar Management
  • Personal Shopping
  • Gift Ordering and Delivery
  • Organizing and Cataloging Valuables, Wine Cellars, Libraries and Collectibles
  • Procurement of Short and Long-term Rental Accommodations

Home Office Assistance

  • Office Organization and Management
  • Calendar, Reminders and Mail Management
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Filing


  • Travel Bookings:  Airfare, Hotel, Limo/Vehicle Rental, Helicopter, Charter Aircraft, Airport Transfers
  • Flight, Hotel and Destination Research and Recommendations
  • Customized Travel Itineraries
  • Trip Management to Completion
  • Reward Membership/Frequent Flyer Management
  • Sightseeing Tours and Tips


  • Event and Party Planning Management and Assistance
  • Ticket Procurement
  • Specialist Acquisition and Referral:  Tenting, Lighting, Décor, Caterer, Bartenders, Valet Parking
  • Venue Research and Booking
  • Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations


  • Spa, Beauty and Wellness Recommendations and Bookings
  • Health Club, Specialty Studio, and Personal Trainer Recommendations
  • Spa Vacations
  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Medical Resource Information

Step 2:  Delegate!

So, why on EARTH would you spend time doing all this yourself?  TLM has the tools, the talent, and the time.  Use your tools, talent and time doing things you love!

Listed below are your two membership options to put Tanglewood Lifestyle Management to work for you: